Seed & Sod

Fresh Cut Sod

Would you like to fix dead patches of grass without waiting for the new grass to grow? Sod, when installed correctly, can blend into your current lawn perfectly and instantly. Both Fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass are available.

Soil & Seed

Help level out uneven areas of your lawn and revive dead parts with soil and seed. Less expensive than sod, Clayton uses premium topsoil and a local blend of seed made specifically for Ohio lawns. To keep the soil moist Clayton uses a "germination blanket" which is a combination of mesh and straw that won't blow away and is completely biodegradable. .

Overseeding & Fertilization

After an aeration is the perfect time to overseed and apply a starter fertilizer to help your lawn grow thicker and greener. Both products are designed specifically for Ohio lawns. Fertilizer comes in regular and organic. Click here for more revitalization options.

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